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Our Education

We were educated through the G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America) on polished diamonds, and were educated by the I.G.I. (International Gemological Institute) in Antwerp, Belgium on rough diamonds. We have been in the jewelry industry since 1994, and often attend International Jewelry shows in England, Italy and the US, as well as shows previously held in Antwerp, Belgium.

As diamond wholesalers, we sell to jewelers throughout the Midwestern United States.

We only sell certified loose diamonds (Diamonds graded by one of three internationally recognized independent gem grading laboratories): American Gem Society (A.G.S.), Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A), or European Gem Laboratory (E.G.L. (U.S.)

Through Best Diamond Values, we offer diamonds to individuals at the same wholesale pricing that we sell to jewelers everyday!

Best Diamond Values is known for our excellent high quality diamonds, and offers you a large selection of the most exquisite diamonds available at the lowest prices guaranteed We realize that for many clients, this may be their first diamond purchase, so in order to give you the attention and privacy you deserve, we meet clients by appointment only.

During our appointment, we take time to educate you on the most important criteria used to determine the value of every diamond, and help you see and understand the subtle differences in the characteristics between each diamond, which explains why a diamond that appears to be the same shape, carat weight, color and clarity as another can be valued much higher (or lower) then the other.

We will also present you with a variety of loose (unmounted) diamonds that meet your criteria (based on our prior conversation regarding what you have in mind for budget, shape, cut, color, clarity and carat weight), from which you can choose. We only sell loose diamonds, so that our clients can clearly see the entire diamond, its true color, and its carat weight can be accurately verified on a scale. The ultimate decision about which diamond to purchase is yours, we are just there to help you select the perfect diamond for the most beautiful and special lady in your life!


We sell diamonds with the same emphasis on quality that we buy diamonds, placing more importance on the quality of the CUT, because cut quality determines the value of a diamond far more than any other of the four C s. Most people assume that cut refers to the shape of the diamond, but it actually refers to the precision of cutting and polishing (angles, facet placement, table, width and pavilion size, etc). Well cut diamonds bring out its fire and brilliance! A zero cut is considered the absolute best cut for a round brilliant diamond. Consequently, zero cut diamonds are considered to be the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Zero cut diamonds are actually worth twice the price of poorly cut diamonds. This is because poorly cut diamonds are worth 65% less than norm, and zero cut diamonds are worth 35% more than norm.

We carry a wide selection of zero cut diamonds in various sizes, colors, and clarity. Our wholesale pricing enables you to choose one of the best cut diamonds in the world for less than the price of a poorly cut diamond offered by many jewelers.

After cut, Color is the next most important C. You can easily notice the difference of color in a yellow or yellow tinted diamond. You do not need special equipment to see the difference between colorless and undesired color.

Clarity is the third most important C. If the diamond shape is other than an Emerald cut, you cannot see the inclusions looking down on the crown and table of the diamond, if the diamond is SI2 or better. This means that if the diamond was accurately graded and certified by the previously mentioned diamond grading laboratories to be SI2 or better, you cannot tell the difference between and SI2 clarity or a flawless diamond, without using magnification by a loop or scope.

Carat weight is the fourth important C. To get the best diamond you can, you should first take care to select the Cut, Color, and Clarity you desire, then let your budget determine the carat weight.

Placing the importance of each value factor (in the order described above), guides you though the best way to buy a diamond and receive the best value for your money and receive maximum appreciation of your diamond over time.

It is truly amazing how many individuals buy diamonds using the reverse order of the four C s, then again, few jewelers will take the time to educate you to point you in the right direction and order of importance. This may be because many jewelers are unable to offer well cut diamonds and high color, high clarity diamonds to the public at wholesale pricing. Best Diamond Values can, because we are content to make the same margin of profit with the public that we make by providing diamonds to jewelers in our wholesale business. They cannot sell diamonds to you at the same price we sell the diamonds to them. They need to make a profit, and cover their high overhead costs (building rent/mortgage, staff, fancy cabinets/displays, light fixtures, flooring, utilities . It is just that simple!

Mountings/settings To beautifully display your diamond of choice, we offer our clients a choice between ready made mountings at wholesale pricing with single digit markup or, if desired, we can design and fabricate custom made mountings pricing in Platinum or Gold (18 or 14 karat, in white or yellow, or a combination)

New Trends in Diamond Jewelry
Over the past few years, use of rough diamonds in jewelry has become quite a popular trend, so in addition to our loose polished diamonds and diamond jewelry, we now offer our clients unique rough diamond jewelry pieces at the most affordable pricing in the U.S. through our line called A diamond in the rough.